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Brachytherapy team

As brachytherapy is a specialized treatment, a highly-trained team of experts are responsible for carrying out the treatment. 

The specialists involved in providing brachytherapy varies slightly between different countries, but below is a list of healthcare professionals that may be involved in your treatment.

  • Breast oncologist – specializes in breast cancer and is responsible for developing treatment plans and overseeing treatment progress.
  • Oncology nurse specialist – responsible for administering any chemotherapy treatment,
    monitoring patient progress and providing any necessary aftercare.
  • Brachytherapy practitioner – also known as a radiation oncologist, responsible for administering the brachytherapy treatment.
  • Brachytherapy nurse – responsible for helping to prepare patients for each part of the
    brachytherapy procedure and assisting other healthcare professionals to deliver the treatment.
  • Medical physicist – responsible for planning the radiation doses to precisely target the tumor with the correct amount of radiation to give the best chance of a cure.
  • Treatment planning staff – ensure that the planning stage of the procedure is exact so that the treatment runs as smoothly as possible (the medical physicist is often the treatment planner).
  • Radiation safety staff – ensures safety procedures are met providing safety from unnecessary radiation exposure to both the patient and brachytherapy team.