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My name is Loo Yie Jin.

I was born in Sungai Petani, 61 years ago.

Three years ago, I was diagnosed with stage one pancreatic cancer.

I underwent surgery to remove the tumor.

As I understand it, I was unfortunate to have severe bleeding after the surgery and needed nearly 80 pints of blood transfusion.

I was admitted to the ICU four times.

I survived and subsequently underwent further chemotherapy.

Several PET scans after chemotherapy showed that there seemed to be a disease in the pancreatic tumor.

And I underwent IMRT radiotherapy for 28 days.

Another repeat PET scan after three months showed the disease in the pancreatic tumor.

However, I was devastated that there was a new lesion in the liver.

The lesion in the liver was in the right lobe, and the doctor told me it was inoperable.

Then I discussed with my oncologist that brachytherapy would be an option for treating liver tumors.

I never heard about brachy before that.

I had my first consultation for liver brachytherapy on 15 January 2020 and treatment of the lesion on the same day.

Subsequent to that, I had another 6 sessions of brachytherapy to the liver over 9 months treating a total of 15 lesions on the liver.

I was told that I am the patient with the largest number of liver tumors treated with brachytherapy in the world.

I also received a combination of immunotherapy with brachytherapy treatment.

I was worried about brachytherapy. However the doctor reassured me, everything will be ok.

I was sedated during my procedure, and a needle was inserted near my ribcage directly into my liver under CT scan guidance.

After the brachytherapy treatment, the needle was immediately removed, and I was discharged home the next day.

There was a minimum pain and mild fever on the night of the procedure which was controlled by the prescribed medication. Otherwise I felt comfortable.

Following all seven sessions of brachytherapy a repeat PET scan showed two new lesions under the most recent brachytherapy.

In the previous brachytherapy session my oncologist said it may be an infection or tumor and the amount of left liver lobes had grown significantly on the inside making it impossible for the right liver lobes lesion.

I underwent surgery and was amazed to know that there was no active tumor cell in my liver tissue.

Now, I'm back to my practice as a full time private dentist in Sungai Petani. I feel active and normal as usual.

The last CT scan in January 2022 showed that I am disease-free in the liver and everywhere else two years after my first brachytherapy to the liver lesion.

Nearly three years after the diagnosis of my pancreatic cancer, I was grateful that brachytherapy plays an important role in curing my cancer and has given me a second chance to live my life surrounded by my family, friends and always lovely patients.

I would strongly suggest patients with a liver tumor talk to a radiation oncologist or brachytherapist if the brachytherapy is suitable for them.

I hope all patients can benefit from the brachytherapy procedure.

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